If you’ve been on the hunt for the best paint roller for walls I encourage you to read this post until the end. Seriously, don’t turn away at the sight of the little roller below because friends, good things DO come in small packages, and I never thought the solution to my painting problem would be so simple.

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The best paint roller for wallsI never would've thought the solution to my problem would be so simple.

Painting: The Cold Hard Facts 

I would’ve never considered writing a blog post about painting. Because, let’s get one thing straight.

I hate painting.  Especially painting walls. And frankly, I’m not very good at it, so I felt I had  nothing to offer.

Until now.

Many people say painting is relaxing, but for me, it’s kinda stressful. Every time I decide to paint a room I’m faced with the same dilemmas:

  • What is the best paint roller for walls?
  • What kind of paint brush should I use?
  • Do I paint the edges first?
  • What about floor coverage? Plastic or fabric?
  • Should I use one of those paint stick roller thingies that holds my paint?
  • Should I try to wash my old paint tray or should I just buy a new one?
  • How many coats of paint should I do?

What usually happens when I paint

What typically happens when I get ready to paint a room is I head to the paint store and get a hold of a nice worker. I then proceed to ask all of my questions. Then I go home and watch an insane amount of YouTube videos. This usually results in me purchasing even more painting gear, namely highly-reviewed fancy gadgets, in hopes that painting will be as relaxing as sitting on a beach on a hot summer day.

Once I begin painting, reality sets in, which comes down to severe frustration because the edges I brushed look darker than the walls I rolled, or vice versa. My arms and my neck are sore from all the rolling back and forth and from carrying the weight of the fancy gadgets.

When I’m finished (after approximately 36 hours), the result is meh…

What’s most frustrating, is the fancy tools I paid -lot$$$ of dinero for- end up in the garbage, because I’m too tired, sore, and cranky to spend 15 minutes squeezing and rinsing paint in my utility sink so I can use them again. Use them again, I ask? Are you kidding? I’m never painting again!.

If you’ve been on the hunt for the best paint roller for walls I encourage you to read this post until the end. Seriously, don’t turn away at the sight of the little roller below because friends, good things DO come in small packages, and I never thought the solution to my painting problem would be so simple.

Phew! How’s that for a painting rant?

Can you relate? Or am I just a BIG BABY??

Maybe I’m so bad at painting, there’s no hope.

Best Paint Roller for Walls: A $2 Solution to my Painting Frustrations

The other day I was casually talking to my sister-in-law Natalie (also a DIYer) griping about needing to paint my master bath. Here is how the conversation went:

  • Natalie: “I’m getting really fast at painting”.
  • Me: Cool. Do you cut in with an angled brush before or after you paint the walls?
  • Natalie: “Oh I don’t cut in at all. I don’t use a brush, I just use a roller”
  • Me: “Wut”
  • Natalie: “My favorite paint roller is little and cheap, and it does the edges, too”
  • Me: “Wut”

The next day I headed to the paint store. This time I asked no questions. I headed straight to the paint roller section and grabbed the rollers I had always skipped over because I assumed they wouldn’t do a good job.

Update: Try this link if the rollers are still out of stock on Amazon :)

The best paint roller for wallsI never would've thought the solution to my problem would be so simple.

I bought a pack of 6 for about $12. Then I made sure I grabbed the proper handle. This is important to make sure the roller rolls right (say that three times fast) instead of just gliding across the surface of the wall.

Friends, I painted the entire master bathroom with two rollers out of my package of 6. I could’ve done it with one, but I didn’t feel like washing it out after the first coat, and given that they’re so cheap, I felt no guilt throwing it away and using a fresh one for the second coat.

The best paint roller for wallsI never would've thought the solution to my problem would be so simple.

The fact that the roller has “fuzzy stuff” all the way around, helps paint the edges at the same time you’re rolling the walls.

You mean, I don’t need an angled brush?

I didn’t use one. So, unless you have super tiny spaces, you will not need to cut in with a brush (see video below for more on this). The only drawback about not cutting in, is that you have to tape the entire space first, unless of course, you want the entire room to be the same color and you have no windows.

Not having to bother with a brush was worth taping to me.  To make sure I didn’t get paint on the ceiling and around the window frame, I used my favorite tape all around the room. It is critical not to use cheap tape to avoid paint seeping under and through. This tape is the BOMB!

The best paint roller for wallsI never would've thought the solution to my problem would be so simple.

I also bought the small disposable paint tray and it was easy to fill and carry around. This little roller holds a LOT of paint. More than I expected for its size. The result was stunning. I’m not a professional painter (shocking, I know) and I found this tool to be the best paint roller for walls I have ever used. I feel like painting walls is SO much easier now! Much less dreadful.

The best paint roller for wallsI never would've thought the solution to my problem would be so simple.

Even after the second coat, my arms were not tired at all because the rollers are so light weight!!. So, until I find something better, I can honestly say this is, hands down, the best paint roller for walls.

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Summary of supplies 

The best paint roller for wallsI never would've thought the solution to my problem would be so simple.

This bathroom has come a long way!! Starting with my re-purposed light fixture makeover, to the stick-on mirror frame. I think I’m almost done with it!

Are you motivated to paint your walls now!???

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Let me know how these little guys work for you!

Pin this for later, will ya!?

The best paint roller for wallsI never would've thought the solution to my problem would be so simple.

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Janice| Sawdust Sisters

Novice woodworker and serial Popcorn eater, Janice Thomas writes detailed tutorials that motivate others to "dare to try". Originally from Puerto Rico, Janice is fluent in Spanish and dreams of owning a beach house on the island someday! Janice currently lives in Utah with her husband and children, where she works as a university professor.

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  1. Lisa

    Great job girl!!!! I think I will give these rollers a try.


    1. Janice

      Thanks Lisa! Totally worth trying them. Not too much of an investment. Thanks for stopping by!

      1. Diane Moffat

        Love your site! But I need to let you know that I didn’t get here from your pin. It’s been hijacked by a site that sells ‘how to get a grant’ information. I’ve reported it to Pinterest, but you might want to check out some of the more popular pins you have, just in case.

        Now hubby and I are off to snag 2 bags of those awesome paint rollers! Thanks for the tip!

        1. Thank you for reporting it, Diane! There are so many Pin hackers out there. It’s disheartening and exhausting to keep up with the reporting. I wish Pinterest would figure out a way to stop it. I’m so glad you finally landed on my site and Good luck with your project!

    2. Kathi

      They are the best rollers ever!! Not those heavy ones that kill you to paint with. I think that might be why a lot of people don’t like to paint!

  2. Marie

    Problem is, I hate taping., especially the ceiling. I can paint faster by cutting in. I’ll try the roller for my next project.

    1. Janice

      Haha! I guess we have to choose the best of two evils :) I’m a lot faster at taping but I stink at cutting in. Definitely try the roller even if you cut in with a brush. It’s so light weight and easy to handle. And “no clean up” :)

  3. Emily

    I thought someone was spying on me! Lol same EXACT painting story from deciding to do it to buying all the gadgets lol I’ve had a small roller for awhile but it got buried under my $$ gadgets. Thanks for the reminder! I’m getting new roller la today so I can finish my room :)

    1. Sawdust Sisters

      Haha Emily! Thanks for the laugh. I clearly feel your pain! :)

  4. Debbie

    I discovered these a few years ago and I wouldn’t use anything else!!


    Inbetween coats just wrap your roller or paintbrush tightly with plastic wrap. It will keep it fresh and ready to use for a couple days without rinsing out!

    1. Yep! That’s exactly right! I’ve used a large ziploc bag too :) Thanks for the tip, Kristen!

  6. Michelle

    That’s exactly how I painted my last house. All 3500 sq ft. And I am getting ready to paint our new house of 3400 sq ft.

  7. Sally Widmer

    I love that I found this article!! I have been using a small roller for a few years now! I even put an extension handle on it when I’m too lazy or too tired to stand up. I’ve wondered why more people didn’t do this but YES now I know they do!

    Oh and here is something else I use these rollers for, (actually bought a new set for this), tanning! When I go to the beach alone or a tanning bed, I cannot put lotion on my back by myself. As I was laying on the tanning bed trying to think how the heck can I accomplish this it struck me….THE SMALL ROLLER! Oh my goodness I put lotion on the roller then roll it all over my back like a back scratcher!” Ha! It works like a charm.

    I could probably come up with quite a few ideas for these rollers really. The cost of them is next to nothing when you think about the time they save and ease of use!

    Enjoy your day Ladies and thank you!

    1. Hi sally!!
      Such a versatile roller right!? That is SO smart to use it as a back scratcher,
      And tanning lotion spreader. Haha! Love it!

  8. Wanda

    I am buying a 1890 Victorian house next week that is in excellent shape, but I’m changing all the colors. So I have a tad over 3030 sq ft to do!!! I’m motivated, and I will try out your small roller. Your bath looked really nice by the way. Thanks 4 sharing.

  9. Kathy

    Do u have a place that shows how u made your mirror??

  10. Julie

    Hello! So glad I stumbled upon this pin! I’m about to paint my 2500 square foot newly built home by myself because the builder grade flat paint is awful, and my hubby hates painting. I can’t wait to get started using these tips!! One question, though. You linked the rollers to Amazon but you mentioned you bought the Sherwin Williams rollers. Can you please clarify? Thanks!!

    1. Janice| Sawdust Sisters

      Hi Julie!

      I bought mine at the Shirwin Williams store but I linked the Amazon ones in case someone doesn’t have a store close to home. My sister in law has used other brands and she likes them also! Good luck and I’m
      Glad you found the pin too! :)

  11. Paula

    A secret to saving your roller or brush for the next coat… without rinsing it out?!?! Wrap it up with plastic wrap, a grocery bag, a ziplock bag, any plastic you can really stick to it … and put it in the fridge until you are ready to paint again!

  12. Laura Augustine

    Hello there, thank you for the tips! Do you know of an updated link for the rollers? It looks like they are currently unavailable on Amazon Thanks!

    1. Janice| Sawdust Sisters

      Hi Laura! You’re welcome! Below is an affiliate link for a different brand of roller. It looks the same, size-wise.I will add a link to the post :) Thanks for the heads up and good luck with your project!

      1. Laura Augustine

        Yay, thank you!

  13. Libby

    So, I read this and went to the SW store the very next day to purchase. Maybe I’m just doing something wrong, but the rollers don’t spin very well for me. I end up just dragging the roller along the wall. Did anyone else have this problem? My husband used it and had the same problem. Overall, I liked its lightweight nature, but I’m not really sure this made painting “easier.” I bought the 6” rollers, but the wand was only 4 inches once I got home and took the roller off the wand. Maybe that’s the issue??

    1. Janice| Sawdust Sisters

      Hi Libby! I used the 6” holder. I also think that using a smaller holder could have played into it. The rollers are so light weight too that it’s easy to press harder than you need to. I wouldn’t give up on them yet :) Glad you were able to find them at the SW store!

  14. Angela

    Have you see the clear caulking method of edging?

    1. Kelly

      Angela-what is the “clear caulking method of edging”? Do you put clear caulk down then peel it back up or something? I’m literally in the midst of painting in my house now-having my 16 & 18 yr old kids help (more than they probably thought they were going to😂 but hey, they need to learn & what else are they going to do during a pandemic!).

      Janice, this little roller looks like something I would have loved to use for what we’ve done already…my dining room is all taped up so I’m thinking I’m going to need to get this to that alone!! Glad I came across this, thank you for sharing the info!

  15. Margarite

    I find painting a stress reliever. But the pain you feel I feel when I have to put laundry away. Lol.

  16. Matt

    Thank you for the many tips. My wife and I have been slowly repainting the inside of our house and I am happy to be able to contribute by showing her these tips.

  17. Sandra

    Hello, great info. I’ve done a lot of painting, I love it but with my arthritis it makes it difficult. A lighter roller could definitely do the trick. Here’s a tip for you. You mentioned that you were too lazy to wash your roller so you just used a new one. I totally get it, I hate washing, but I hate wasting money more, lol. If I have more to paint the following day I roll my roller up in a simple shopping bag or even Saran Wrap and throw it in the fridge over night. That’s it, good to go in the morning, you can do it again the next night too. Be sure to get out as much air as possible when wrapping, I leave the handle attached as well. Eventually the roller will get a paint logged, but I’m usually able to complete my project with one roller, then in the garbage it goes!!

    1. Hi Sandra! Yes I’ve learned that since writing this post :) Thanks for the tip though. That little roller is super easy to store in the bag!

  18. Candy Simms

    Thanks so much for the painting tips! I need to paint my Master Bath to coordinate with my new lavender bedroom, and have been dreading it! (it is BROWN from my dark wall days). Once I get through current (sewing) projects, I’m now looking forward to updating the bathroom (followed by a new bathroom mirror frame).
    My sisters sent me pictures of a bench they made using one of your plans, and I now have several projects in mind besides the bathroom. I think the laptop shelf will be first. It is small and I have the materials.
    Haven’t ordered the rollers and handle yet, but they are already in my Amazon cart! You have a new fan!

    1. Yay Candy you just made my Day! I’m so glad you found some projects to work on! :) If you have an Instagram account tag @sawdustsisters so I can see them! Have fun!

  19. Kirsten

    Hello, love the idea of using the smaller roller, tape, and no cutting in! I do have a question, though. Did you use this technique in rooms with popcorn ceilings?

  20. Gayle

    Yes! I have painted SO many rooms over the years and only recently discovered that using the small rollers is so much easier! My daughter painted her own accent wall this summer using a small roller. I think she would have struggled with a big roller.

  21. Melody Juarez

    I wish I’d seen this site before I painted two bedrooms and one bath!! I’m going to start kitchen and dining room soon! I will be trying your brush technique, so.cross your fingers!! We have professionals coming in to paint the livingroom due to 12 ft ceilings peaked and needing some tape and float repaired! Also having crown moulding installed because NO MATTER how much tape or how carefully we paint the lines between the wall and ceiling looks like a 5 year olds painted it!! So crown moulding it is!! Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Janice| Sawdust Sisters

      Haha! Glad you stopped by :) The crown molding idea is brilliant, Melody, and will look stunning I’m sure! Crossing my fingers for ya!

  22. Pamela

    Wouldn’t you have to tape the ceiling the entire width of the roller so that you can cut in using the edge of the roller? Or am I missing something? Seems like a lot of tape.

    1. Janice| Sawdust Sisters

      Hi Pamela, yep, you would. But I prefer to tape more than paint. Less messy :) Definitely a personal preference. Thanks for stopping by!

  23. Ty

    Wow, thanks for the article.. I am definitely going to do this next time I paint. As for drop cloths, I have found that saving large cardboard boxes and breaking them flat and laying them flat against the wall on the floor works better for me than the plastic drop cloths. My cats like to mess arround with the plastic drop cloths. The cardboard is easy to move around on the floor too.

    1. Hey Ty thanks for stopping by! Glad you enjoyed the article. The cardboard box idea is fantastic!

  24. Kaz

    Hey glad u discovered these lil beauties 😆
    They are seriously the only rollers I use..cheers Kaz 😊

  25. Tish B

    I had bought a whole bunch of painting supplies and then I came across this post and returned everything and got these. This made painting so much easier! awesome find!

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