This week I am featuring my friend Tracy’s awesome rocking chair makeover. I love when someone takes a piece of furniture and gives it a new look and purpose. Tracy did just that and rocked it! no pun intended 🙂 She shared her pictures with me, as well as a quick description of how she tackled this project, in her words!

This old very dirty, dusty old chair I got for free! It was at my husband’s work and they were going to throw it out!

Make an old chair pretty again! Reupholstery tutorial at

I wondered if I would have to sand it down and re-varnish the piece, but after a little elbow grease and some warm murphy oil wood cleaner, it came up looking wonderful!
With a coupon in hand and a good sale going on I got the fabric (enough for the chair and two more cushions), foam pad and pillow inserts for $28.00!
I unscrewed the old seat pad, removed the fabric and foam, and placed the new foam first, then some batting I had, and simply stapled it under the wood seat.
The fabric was a little tricky lining up the pattern but I started stapling opposite sides first to make sure the fabric was even.
I googled ‘cushion corners’ and ended up choosing the butterfly fold.
All really easy and I think the final product is recycling at its finest!
Make an old chair pretty again! Reupholstery tutorial at
Great job, Tracy!!! Thanks for letting me share your project. Your chair looks AMAZING!
Here is a video that demonstrates the butterfly fold.
Do you have a chair screaming “make me pretty again!”? Don’t throw it away and buy a new one. Try this simple reupholstery project. What have you got to loose?!
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An old rocking chair gets a makeover instead of getting dumped! Check out the transformationto the wood and the simple upholstery
Have a great week!

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