How to mount a flat screen TV and hide cords inside the wall

We have had our 55″ flat screen TV for several years now and I have always wanted to mount it, and hide the cords inside the wall for a clean look. I never really pursued it because I thought I would have to hire an electrician ($$$) to do the job, and cutting holes in the wall made me a little nervous. However, after a little research, an awesome already-made electrical kit, and a how-to video, I felt confident to give it a try! I am so glad I did! I will show you how I did it and also give you the links of the materials I used. Seriously guys, you can do this in a couple of hours! Just make sure you get someone to help you lift the TV 🙂 Doesn’t it look nice?? I wish I had done it years ago!

How to mount flat screen TV and hide cords inside the wall. Full tutorial at