Yes, I have a slight obsession with shoes. It’s a Puerto Rican thing. Totally not my fault. First step is admitting it, right? Second step is organizing those suckers so you can have a good view of what’s gonna match your rockin’ outfit!

Well, I’m lucky enough to have some shelving in my walk-in closet which I designated for shoes. You can see how well THAT worked… I had a shoe explosion! I’d organize my shoes one day and a couple of weeks later they exploded again! Then I ran into this idea of using tension rods! Brilliant! Double my space and my shoes are all visible. Win win! I even found shoes I forgot I had! I know….I have a problem.

Anyway, this is so easy!!. No power tools needed 🙂 Here are the tension rods I purchased from Amazon. My space is about 28 inches wide, so I made sure I got rods that extended up to 36 inches so I could get a nice tight fight. I used 2 rods per shelf for a total of 8, so this cost about $56.

I have had these up for about 6 months now and my shoes are STILL organized! Woot Woot!

Here’s the transformation!

Organize your shoes using tension rods.


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