This old fashioned student desk  gives a modern twist to the old vintage student desk design. Its compact, one-piece design adds functionality and style to any space. Constructed out of 2"x 2" lumber and plywood, it is sturdy, yet light weight. Perfect for small spaces! This desk was initially built for the theatre set of Thoroughly Modern Millie. We built 16 of them! 

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  1. Christine Quillen

    Our school will be performing Millie in Apri, and I was so excited to find these plans! I had been trying to come up with something very similar to this for the steno desks. What a time saver to find plans with the dimensions, etc. Thank you so much for making these available.

    1. You’re welcome Christine! That’s such a fun show! I’m glad the plans were helpful! You will love the desks.

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