If you need a convenient place to hang your hat, purse, scarf, umbrella (or all of the above) these fun modern wall hooks might foot the bill. You can make them super fast, with scrap wood and for less than $10!


Modern Wall Hooks. SO COOL! Definitely making these for my office!


I love a challenge, especially when it comes from my blogger BFF’s. This month was a $10 DIY. This is what I came up with. What do you think? I was pretty pleased with the piece. This is perfect for an entryway, office, bedroom, or even the bathroom! You can add more pieces to make it longer for longer walls and extra storage.

DIY Sparkly Modern Wall Hooks

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Materials Needed

Step 1: Make your Cuts

There was no rhyme or reason to what I did. I was literally messing around to see what I could do with the scraps I had. Don’t be intimidated by the angles. In my case, I just eye balled and cut a 1×8 at 45 degrees on both ends. Mine ended up being about 15 inches on the long side, but, like I said, I didn’t measure it, I just went with what looked right.  Once your piece is cut, use that piece to mark and cut the remaining pieces, so all will be the same.

I used a miter saw, which made it super fast to make the cuts. But, you can certainly do this with a miter box or a jig saw. A little elbow grease with an extra dose of patience and you’re there!

Build a sparkly modern set of hooks for your wall for less than $10

Step 2: Drill Pocket Holes and Join Pieces

Once the pieces were cut, I arranged them in several different configurations until I was happy. This is the pattern I decided on. You can get creative here!

Sparkly Moders Wall Hooks for less than $10. Making these for my entryway!!!

The pocket holes were pretty easy with my K4 Jig I love this thing. If you’re not ready for the investment, try the mini jig, then decide. To put the pieces together I used wood Glue at the seams and 1″ pocket screws

I joined the pieces with glue, two at a time, clamped them, waited for them to dry, then screwed in the pocket screws. The third photo shows where I placed the pocket holes (randomly!)

Modern Wall Hooks. This is so cute and so easy!!

Step 3: Sand and Paint

After the pieces were together I sanded the rough edges with my battery operated sander, and I opted for a fun metallic finish. I painted the gold first, then I taped and painted the white. This is the only progress photo I took, but you get the idea.

Modern Wall Hooks. This is so cute and so easy!!

After that, all that was left to do was drill in the cute decorative hooks. It was easy to line them up perfectly because of the paint line and the vertical lines crossing. I do anything to avoid pulling out the tape measurer.

Super Cute Modern Wall Hooks!

I love the chippy look of the hooks! They even have other colors! I used the blue ones on my DIY Key Holder.

Stylish Modern Wall Hooks. Build them for less than $10!

And voila!

Hang it on the wall and put your stuff on it!. I love that you can easily customize this piece by adding more pieces and hooks to fit a longer wall!! I will probably end up giving this away as a wedding present, like I did my shiplap key holder.

Warning: Initially, I was going to have two hooks (as in his and hers), but it looked a little pornographic. I would say keep it at three or more 😉

Stylish, metallic modern wall hooks! I need these in my entryway!

My expenses for this project

Decorative Hooks– $4.50 for all 3 (on sale!)

Metallic gold paint – $3.49

Everything else I had on hand! Not bad for a total of $8-ish dollars!

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Stylish Modern Wall Hooks. Build them for $8!!

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