Store your compact appliances in this mini refrigerator storage cabinet. This piece is perfect for your office, guest room, basement, or anywhere you want easy access to food but don’t want the space to look like a kitchen!


Close the door and nobody has to know what’s even in there!! What do you think? I’m pretty much obsessed and super excited to put this in my office.


And the best news is that I was able to build it with only ONE SHEET OF PLYWOOD! This my official entry to Kreg’s one-sheet contest. I’m hoping to win some awesome tools from one of my favorite brands. But even if I don’t win, this piece of furniture has been one of my most fun builds and I’m happy to bring you the tutorial along with  free plans!


DIY MINI Refrigerator and Microwave Cabinet for the office. Build this out of only once sheet of plywood. CLICK FOR FREE PLANS!

DIY Mini Refrigerator Storage Cabinet

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I built this cabinet to fit my .7 cu. ft. mini microwave and my 1.7 cu. ft. mini fridge 

Materials Needed


Below is a list of cuts. You will want to download the plans to see just how you should cut the sheet of plywood so you can use every inch! And believe me, you will!!

  • Top (1) 21” x 36”
  • Sides (2) 19” x 36 ¼”
  • Bottom (1) 19” x 33”
  • Midpiece (1) 19” x 31 ¼”
  • Door panels (4) 8” x 22”
  • Microwave Shelf (1) 9”x 20”


Step 1: Make decorative cuts on side pieces (optional)

Mark the height of the casters and draw a line across the side pieces. Then use a JigSaw to cut along the line. Once you cut one piece, use it to mark the second and repeat the process.

The idea is for the casters to be only on the front allowing you to move the cabinet easier, and hey they look pretty, too!

Build a cabinet for your mini fridge and microwave using only one sheet of Plywood. LOVE the look of the casters on the front!!!

Step 2:  Attach the sides to the bottom

Using a Kreg Jig , drill pocket holes on the top of the side pieces (to attach the top later). You will also want to drill pocket holes on both ends of the bottom piece. Be sure and put the pocket holes on the ugly side.  The pocket holes on the bottom piece will face the floor. Make sure you download the plans for better pictures of this! Then attach the sides to the bottom with Pocket Screws . Attach the casters at this point.

DIY Mini Fridge and Microwave Cabinet. FREE PLANS!

Oops: Did you notice that I forgot to drill the pocket holes on the side pieces? Yeah, good thing the kreg jig works OK upside down.

Step 3: Attach Microwave Shelf to Midpiece

Screw the microwave shelf to the midpiece as shown. Don’t forget to drill all the pocket holes first on the top and bottom of the larger piece.

Build a cute cabinet to hide your mini fridge and microwave. FREE PLANS!

Step 4: Attach Midpiece

Attach the shelf and midpiece using Pocket Screws and Wood Glue. Using a level will help to make sure you keep the microwave shelf straight.

Note: The top is not attached yet, it’s just sitting pretty on top, in this terrible picture 🙂

Build a mini fridge and microwave cabinet with these FREE PLANS

Step 5: Prep and Paint 

At this point, I opted to cover up the plywood edges with iron-on Edge Banding. It is easy to use and makes the plywood edges super smooth! For the top, I rounded the edges with my router.

Build a mini refrigerator cabinet for your home or office. Free plans!

For the finish, I used  GF Brown Mahogany Stain for the top and a mix of one part GF Driftwood to two parts GF snow white for the body.

I also applied three coats of GF High Performance Top Coat for a smooth, durable finish. I love this paint.

DIY Mini Refrigerator Cabinet. FREE PLANS!

Step 6: Attach Top

Once all the painting was done, I turned the piece upside down to attach the top with pocket screws and wood glue. Attach flush with the back with an approximate ½” overhang on each side.

Love the way this cabinet hides your mini fridge!

Step 7: Build and Attach The Door (Optional)

This piece would look great without the door. But,  just in case you like the look of the door as much as I do, here’s how I built it.

Build a mini refrigerator cabinet. Free plans and step by step tutorial!

Build the door by attaching the door panels using pocket holes/screws. Placing coins in the seams will keep a small gap between the pieces. I used quarters for mine. The door will be a little flimsy since the pocket screws won’t be in all the way.

DIY Mini Refrigerator Microwave Cabinet! FREE PLANS!

Use a couple of plywood scraps to screw in the back. I used 1- 1/4″ wood screws for the support pieces. If you don’t use coins and you screw the pocket screws in all the way, you will not need the support pieces. I probably could have skipped the pocket holes and screws and just use the back pieces. Hindsight…

Now you are ready to attach the door with any hinges you choose. The door should cover the entire opening. These are the door hinges I used.

Mini Refrigerator and Microwave Cabinet. I need one of these for my basement. FREE PLANS!

Here are a few pics of the finished cabinet! Not bad for one sheet of plywood, eh?

I NEED to build this mini refrigerator cabinet for my office!! Free Plans!

FREE PLANS for an awesome mini refrigerator cabinet! Perfect for my office. Definitely building this!!!

DIY Mini Refrigerator Cabinet!! LOVE THIS. Get the free plans!!

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Build a cabinet to fit your small appliances. This is perfect for a guest room, basement, or office!

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      I love this piece!! I need for my classroom to tuck away my fridge ☺.
      One question however, is Birch the only plywood I can use? Or is there another type that is comparable.
      Thank you

      1. Hi Leticia, so glad you like it. You can use harder woods if you’d like but they’re more expensive. I wouldn’t recommend using anything cheaper than birch. Good luck!

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