A while ago there was a type of lampshade that I really wanted and I just could not find. I wanted something that was a certain height, a specific width, and with a fun pattern. I am not sure how I came across this website called The Lamp Shop, but they have pretty much everything you would ever need to build your own lampshade. It is pretty awesome–check it out!

DIY Lamp shade at Sawdustsisters.comSooo….this is the lamp I needed a shade for. It was a $4.00  find. As you can see I wanted something more modern looking and in good proportion with the lamp base.

DIY Lamp shade at Sawdustsisters.com

I saw this fabric and I thought it was perfect for what I had in mind. I bought it at Home Fabrics. The one in Idaho Falls is currently closing, which is like the saddest thing that could have happened to me! I love this store, and now I am going to have to wait until I visit my In-laws in AZ to pay this awesome store a visit. Sniff!

I basically just bought a lamp kit from The Lamp Shop and got started. This is not a cheap project–you could probably find shades for less at Lowes, Target, etc., but since this is a custom shade I did not mind spending the money. I do not recall the exact amount–but I do know it was around $35-40 dollars.

You basically need two rings for the top and bottom, and this special backing that gets glued to the fabric to make it sturdy like a lampshade, duh!. Before you do that though you measure and cut the piece of fabric to the size that you need (there are instructions on the website). I bought the clips to secure the shade as I added glue, folded, and tucked. The glue has to be sticky and thick (they sell that at the website too, or you can use tacky glue).

DIY Lamp shade at Sawdustsisters.com

DIY Lamp shade at Sawdustsisters.com

DIY Lamp shade at Sawdustsisters.com

DIY Lamp shade at Sawdustsisters.com This is where the lamp sits right now. The table is from Real Deals and the two wingback chairs I bought on Craiglist and reupholstered them. Here is a ‘before’ picture: I spray painted the legs and they turned out fantastic. The paint made such a big difference!

DIY Lamp shade at Sawdustsisters.com

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  1. Vicki

    The chairs are beautiful. How difficult were they to do.

    1. Janice

      Hi Vicky! Thanks for stopping by. Those chairs are Bev’s pride and joy!! Im not sure she’ll have time to chime in, but I can tell you they weren’t as hard as they were time consuming. She worked on those little by little over time. You will definitely want to invest on a power staple gun, not the cheap electric ones. Unfortunately these were done before we started the blog so we don’t have a documented tutorial. I have a pair in my basement I’m thinking of tackling!:) Definitely a money saver if you DIY.

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