If you’re interested in learning how to hang pegboard on your shop or craft room wall, you’ve come to the right place! I don’t know about you, but I can’t think, let alone work, when I’m surrounded by chaos. Weird fact about me: I actually like to clean and organize my shop before I start cutting wood. Strange, I know. But, I find that it is nice to start a project in a clean, organized environment. The creative juices just flow better.

Best Tutorial on how to hang pegboard. I think I can do this by myself!!

I don’t have a lot of hand tools. But, my collection is growing enough that my cabinet was getting a little crowded and it was difficult to find things. I’ve been wanting to hang pegboard on the wall for some time now. But it’s just one of those things that is easy to put off.

Seriously though, isn’t this wall just screaming for pegboard?

How to Hang Pegboard the EASY Way!

Buying Pegboard

When I finally got motivated enough, I headed to Lowe’s and found the pegboard aisle. I was all by myself and found the huge 4′ x 8′ sheet of pegboard. Not super heavy, but rather flimsy and awkward to carry. My plan was to have someone cut it to size at the store. But sadly, the saw was broken that day! So, I went home without my pegboard because there was no way I could fit a 4′ x 8′ sheet in my Jeep.


Moral of the story. Have the nice guys at the home improvement store cut your pegboard to size. They usually do it for free. Hopefully the saw is functioning the day you go! While you’re at it, have them cut 2 pieces of 1×3″ the width of the pegboard.


How to hang pegboard on the wall without your husband's help :)

A few days later, hubby and I went to visit my in-laws. My dad-in-law, who is a mega handy man, said he had some wood scraps he was going to throw away. He asked me if I wanted to go through them. Among the scraps was -lo and behold- a piece of pegboard close enough to the size I needed!. Woot! I love free stuff.

How to Hang Pegboard 

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Materials Needed- To Hang

Materials Needed- To Frame

  • (2) 8′ long primed 1×2″ boards . Cuts are 2@ 4′ and 2@ 26 1/4″ for the sides.
  • (2) 8′ long 1″ wood trim of your choice. Measure as you go for more precise cuts.
  • Wood Glue
  • Nail Gun
  • Miter saw
  • Paint of choice

Step 1: Mark Studs and Hang the Support Boards

Using a stud finder, mark the studs on the wall. I like to use a level as a ruler to draw my lines and keep them straight. Then attach the boards to the studs using and drill and  2-1/2″ wood screws.

Use a level  to make sure your board doesn’t end up crooked.

How to hang Pegboard. Super easy tutorial with a lot of details. I think I can do it by myself!

The two boards should be spaced to match the height of the pegboard. In my case, that was 25″ from the top edge of the top piece to the bottom edge of the bottom piece.

If you are hanging a larger piece of pegboard, you will want to add some vertical support as well.

Easy Way to Hang Pegboard! I think I can do this all by myself!!

Hanging the support boards gives you a solid surface to attach the pegboard, and also allows for some dead space behind it. You want the board to stick out of the wall to leave space for hooks.

Step 2: Attach Pegboard

Using shorter wood screws this time (I used 1- 1/4″) attach the pegboard to the 1×3’s. I used two screws in each corner.

Super easy way to hang pegboard. I can do this!


Pretty quick, huh?

Easy way to hang pegboard. Perfect for shop or craft room.

The Snowball Effect

Initially, hanging this pegboard, as you see it, was all I was aiming for. As I was about to start hanging my tools, I noticed all the dings and water damage on the board (see that shadow on the left?). I also wasn’t pleased that I could see the dead space behind it, when looking from the side. So, I decided to dress it up and make it look prettier.

Step 3- Framing (optional)-

To frame the piece, I got already-primed 1×2’s at Lowes and used wood glue and a nail gun to attach it to the 1×3’s.

For my 2′ x 4′ frame the 2 vertical pieces were 27 1/4″ and the 2 horizontal pieces were 4′. I would recommend you measure as you go for more precise cuts.

How to Hang and Frame a Pegboard! It's not hard. I think I can do this without my husband's help.

I kept the edges blunt, but you could miter them if you’d like!

How to Hang and Frame a Pegboard. I am doing this!

Adding the Trim

Again, I was going to leave it as it, BUT, the chipped edges of the board were bugging me!  So, I attached 1″ trim (yep, back to Lowes)  with wood glue and brad nails.

How to hang and frame pegboard. Easy enough I think I'll try it and surprise my husband!

I mitered the edges this time. But it wasn’t too bad! I basically just did my first edge at a 45 degree angle on the miter saw, then held my trim on the pegboard and marked my cut for the opposite end. Luckily, my saw was sitting right next to this project, so it was pretty convenient!

How to Hang and Frame Pegboard

Tip: If you are new to cutting angles using a miter saw, check out my wall sconces, garden hose holder, and 2×4 barstools for detailed tutorials on making angled cuts. 

Step 4: Paint and Dress it Up

Now all that is left to do is give the whole thing a fresh coat of paint, put your pegboard hooks  on and behold, your tools are organized!

Now the hardest part. Go DO IT! 🙂

Hanging a pegboard the EASY WAY. No need for your hubby to help.

I have a very small basement shop. I wish I could have fit a whole sheet of pegboard. I’m happy with any extra storage, though!

How to Hang and Frame Pegboard!

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Hanging a pegboard on the wall. This is so much easier than I though! I'm going to try it in my craft room!

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  1. Claire

    I have a framed pegboard in my craft room and it is so handy. I love how you can see all your tools straight away instead of hunting for them in cupboards.

    1. Janice

      Me too, Claire! I used to like to have everything hidden, but now I’m a fan of having it all out in the open and reachable!

  2. Michael F

    Thank you for posting these directions; they were just what I was looking for. These were well-written, practical, and simple.

    1. Hey Michael! Practical and simple is what I shoot for. Thanks for taking the rime to comment! Glad I was able to help.

  3. Marisa

    I have been putting this pegboard project off for way, way, way too long! However, I don’t have a staple gun (or a miter saw) and I certainly don’t want to spend $99 on a stapler just to frame a peg board. Is there a ‘rustic’ way you’d suggest? I have a smaller peg board than yours that I’ve already painted (because that’s the easy part) and I have the 4 wood pieces (2 shorter vertical & 2 longer horizontal), 2 1/4″+ 1 1/2″ wood screws, a cordless electric screwdriver (also a standard drill if necessary), dry wall screws (just because) and a stud finder. Can I make it work with what I have?? Please and thank you!

    1. Hi Marisa! You absolutely can make do with what you have. Mark the studs and drill your wood pieces into the studs with your 2 1/4” screws. Then drill the pegboard I to the those pieces using your smaller screws. It’s totally usable this way. You can frame later on if you’d like (when you get a hold of more tools 😜)

    2. Kelly

      Add small screws from the back

      1. Hmm. I don’t think I understand what you mean. Not sure how you’d get the back when you’ve screwed it in from the front and into the wood boards.

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