Today I am excited to share 20 of my favorite easy Kreg Jig projects hoping you’ll find inspiration and build a few pieces for your home!

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I am a fan of easy wood building projects. The magic tool that makes it all possible is the pocket hole Kreg Jig. I love this tool and want to add my testimonial along with some of the fun things you can build with it!

The projects you’ll see ahead are all beginner friendly. Newbies and seasoned wood workers welcome!

If you just bought your first Kreg Jig, START HERE! You will find beginner friendly DIY projects to give your home a custom look on a budget!

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 Easy Kreg Jig Projects

First off, if you are not familiar with the Kreg Jig , it is a tool that makes it possible for you to join wood pieces side by side.

Using a Kreg Jig helps you build awesome furniture!

It’s as simple as it looks.

If you’re not ready to invest on the K4 System shown, you can start small with the super affordable mini jig! Once you have it, take your pick and have fun building these easy kreg jig projects.

Warning: Building with the kreg jig is extremely addicting.

Easy Kreg Jig Projects

1. Barn Door Style Window Covering-

This is a great idea if you have enough room on the side of a window. It was perfect for this space. The barn door hardware is affordable and easy to install. Click here for the tutorial.

Build a barn door window slider. This is so cool and it is NOT very hard!

2. Mudroom Bench 

This bench is a super easy beginner build. Don’t you love that brick red color?.  Find the step-by-step tutorial here!

Build an easy bench for your mudroom. I love the red color!

3. Floating Shelves

This is one of the first projects I ever tried with the kreg jig. I have since built a second set. I am in love with floating shelves! You can find the tutorial for this one here!

Build a set of DIY floating shelves for any room in your home. Step by step tutorial and FREE PRINTABLE PLANS!!!

4. Planked Wood Table

This table by Adam at Lazy Guy Diy is gorgeous. I love projects with hairpin legs! You can find the tutorial for the table here!

20 Easy Kreg Jig Projects. Planked Dining Table!

5. 2×4 Barstools

I couldn’t pass up including my most popular post on the blog and one of my first builds. These 2×4 stools are versatile and stylish. You can find the tutorial for them here!

20 EASY Kreg Jig Projects. Take your pick and start building!!

6. IKEA Style Bedroom Bench

This bench is an IKEA look alike that looks great in any room. It is so easy to build. Find the how-to here!

20 SUPER EASY Projects you can build with a Kreg Jig!

7. Simple Corner Table/Desk

This table by Sarah at The Ugly Duckling House has nothing ugly about it. It  can be used as a desk or craft table. Look at the clean lines and all that surface room! Find the tutorial here!

20 Easy Kreg Jig Projects you will want to put on your list today!

8. Modern Wall Hooks

Dress up your entry way with these fun modern wall hooks. I promise the angles are a LOT easier than they look. You can build it as long as you’d like, to fit your wall. Not bad for an $8 build! Find the tutorial here!

20 EASY KREG JIG PROJECTS . The wall hooks would look GREAT in my entryway!

9. Chunky Garden Hose Holder

This chunky garden hose holder is yet another easy kreg jig  project! This was my first time playing with cement and it wasn’t bad at all! Find the step by step tutorial here!

Build a chunky garden hose holder and other easy kreg jig projects. Definitely saving for later!!

10. 2×4 Bedroom X Bench

This bench by Anika from Anika’s DIY life is so cute!! And it’s made from inexpensive 2x4s. You can find the tutorial here!

Gorgeous 2x4 Upholstered X-Bench and a bunch of other easy Kreg Jig projects.

11. Simple Reminder Board

If you’re looking to get organized, this DIY Memo board can’t get any easier! Four boards and boom, done! The crystal knobs are like icing on the cake! You can find the tutorial for it here!

Easy Kreg Jig Projects. I'm putting this Memo Board on my list!

12. Blanket Ladder

Blanket ladders are a farmhouse staple. But, they can be so expensive to buy! With only a few dollars (and a kreg jig) building it is a breeze!. This one has a touch of bling, courtesy of these optional decorative L shape corner guards. Why not build your own? Find the detailed how-to here!

Easy Kreg Jig Projects. This blanket ladder is awesome! I need one for my den!

13. Wooden Chevron Bench

I am in LOVE with this beautiful creation by Sam over at DIY Huntress .The blue color is perfect against the stained seat! Go get all of the info and tutorial here!

Easy Kreg Jig Projects! I am IN LOVE with this blue bench!

14. Modern Office Desk

Yet another amazing creation by Anika from Anikas DIY Life. I love the clean lines and I won’t even get started on the drawer pulls?! Simply stunning. Go grab the free plans with all the details here!

Gorgeous Kreg Jig Projects. I love this desk!

15. DIY Oakley Coffee Table

Holy Moly. Those legs. Need I say more? This coffee table by the talented Ashley from Handmade Haven  is a B E A U T I F U L! Let her tell you all about it, shall we? You can find the free plans and the source to get those legs here!

Gorgeous Coffee Table! Get the FREE PLANS!

16. Wooden Porch Bench

Just because I am a sucker for benches, here’s another one! This rustic farmhouse-style creation comes from the talented Amber Oliver . Check out all of the details here!Build this beautiful porch bench in no time! I love the rustic farmhouse look!

17. Simple Bedside Nightstand

This is one of my personal favorites. I love the simplicity and functionality of this project! We all have that narrow, awkward space where we wish we could fit a table. Amber Oliver did just that. Find the tutorial for this cute bedside table here!

Build a bedside table to fit any space! This and 20 other easy kreg jig projects!

18. Light Cage Sconces

While we’re on the subject of bedside tables, if you’re looking for an alternative to the traditional bedside lamp, look no further. This project was so simple, yet made such a difference in our master bedroom. If you like the sconces, you can find the tutorial here!

Custom Wall Sconces instead of bedside lamps. I love that idea! Build them with scrap wood!

19. Mini Fridge/Microwave Cabinet

This piece is perfect for a basement, bedroom, office, or anywhere you want to have access to food, but you don’t want the place to look like a kitchen. The coolest thing? You can build it using only one piece of plywood! Grab the free plans here!

Easy Kreg Projects. I need to build this mini fridge cabinet for my basement!

20. Upholstered Bedroom Bench

Last but not least, is of course…another bench. This was my first attempt at upholstery! I shared a video for the upholstery part. The frame is a pretty easy build. Yes, that’s wood, spray painted to mimic metal (shhh, don’t tell) Don’t forget to get the free plans here!

20 easy kreg jig projects like this metal bench! I need to build all of these!

As you can see, pocket hole joinery opens a whole new realm of possibilities in the building world. Whether it’s a simple wood frame or a bench (yes more benches) the kreg jig helps you build it easily, with a strong, durable hold!

Just for clarification, I was NOT paid for this post. That’s how much I believe in this product!

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Until then, have fun building these easy kreg jig projects!

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