I am so excited to show you my simple chandelier makeover. Remember the very sad looking chandelier I found at a thrift store a while back? Here’s a picture to refresh your memory!

Simple $5 chandelier gets a makeover!


I finally came around to giving this $5.00 find a face-lift, and it turned out really cute!

$5 Chandelier Makeover

Here it is again! How’s that for a chandelier makeover??! I’m so proud of this one.

Simple $5 chandelier gets a makeover!

Simple Chandelier Makeover

I ended up spraying it an antique bronze color. Actually, I sprayed it white at first, but I kept looking at it and I was just not digging the white color for the style of the chandelier. So, bronze it is! I also got rid of the shades since I wanted the round bulbs to show. The bulbs is what truly gives this chandelier a modern look and I love it.

My husband helped me hang it up (he’s so nice, isn’t he?). Here’s a shot of him taking the b–b lamp down. I really dislike b–b lamps! Lol

Simple $5 chandelier gets a makeover!

Here’s a shot of my bedroom with the chandelier switched off:

Simple $5 chandelier gets a makeover!

And at night:

 Simple $5 chandelier gets a makeover!


The spray paint I used was Rust-Oleum Universal Paint and Primer in One (because I wanted to do a white finish, but then changed my mind) and Oil Rubbed Bronze for the final finish.

I also bought a medallion at Lowe’s that’s super easy to intall:

Simple $5 chandelier gets a makeover!

For a project like this one, make sure you find a well ventilated area to spray and protect the surrounding areas from oversprays–talking from experience. Lol

If you could find an area where you could freely hang the chandelier that would be the best way to spray paint it, although I didn’t do it that way. I found a box and kind of propped it inside. I had the top of the chandelier facing up and started spray painting all the areas I could get to from that side, and then I turned it (let dry first, please!) and did the bottom side. I actually went through this process about three times, and ended with the bottom of my chandelier facing up. Since that’s the part that shows the most, I always like to spray the bottom last to ensure a nice even finish free of marks and mistakes from moving it around. I hope that makes sense!

Keep the coats light and allow enough time in between to dry between coats. The more time you let it sit in between the better. I wasn’t planning on taking three days to spray the whole thing, but it happened that way because of my switching from a white to a dark finish and the fact that I would get sidetracked doing other things. I’m sure you moms can relate. LoL

If you have any other questions about this project, comment down below and I will get back to you in a jiffy!

I hope you enjoyed this super easy project! If you like this check out the other chandelier I transformed! 




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  1. Lisa L Taylor

    This turned out great! It has such a high end look. Well done!

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    This turned out SO well girls!!!!! I absolutely love what you did…???

  3. bzayas

    Thank you, Sarah! You’re so sweet.<3

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