Are you ready for the easiest project on the entire Internet PLANET?! Seriously, I challenge you to find an easier project than this super cute shelf with ornate brackets!

I am working on a $100 bathroom renovation and while waiting for the paint to dry, I built this beauty of a shelf for the space above the toilet. These brackets are what make the shelf! I love the aqua chippy color of the metal. As soon as I saw them I had to buy them! Guys and Gals this is a 20 minute project, and that includes drying time!

Easy Wall Shelf with Ornate Brackets

DIY Shelf with Ornate Brackets

Materials Needed

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  • 1″x6″ board cut to desired length. Have it cut at the store, or use scrap wood!
  • Ornate brackets
  • Drill with 1″ and 2″ wood screws (my favorite!, no pre-drilling, ever!)
  • Finish of choice (I used Dark Walnut stain)
  • Sand paper

Step 1- Cut wood and sand until smooth

Cut the 1×6 wood to size. Mine was 24″ inches. I used my cat sander for a solid 20 seconds 🙂 until the wood was smooth to the touch, especially around the edges.

Super Easy Shelf with Ornate Brackets!!

Super Easy Shelf with Ornate Brackets!!

Step 2: Stain

After I wiped the dust off, I gave it one coat of dark walnut stain, let it sit for 2-3 minutes and wiped off the excess.

DIY Shelf with Ornate brackets

Step 3: Attach the brackets

Once it was “dry enough” (I am so impatient!!) I marked the holes. I used a  square to keep  the bracket straight, but if you measure well enough, this is totally not necessary. Notice my gloves are still on. Clearly the stain wasn’t all the way dry. Oh well 🙂

Super Easy DIY Shelf with Ornate Brackets!

Use 1 inch wood screws to attach the bracket. If you use longer ones they’ll come out the other side!. No bueno.

Step 4: Attach to the wall 

Now the best part. Put that baby up! Using a level helps to keep the shelf…well…leveled (that was profound…) I held it leveled while I marked the places where the screws would go.

DIY Shelf with Ornate Brackets! This is so cute! Totally making one!Ideally, you will want to screw into the wall studs, but if your house is anything like mine those studs never line up where you want them to!… so I used wall anchors to keep the shelf up and centered above the toilet. The picture below shows where I placed the anchors on one side. With 4 screws on each bracket, I didn’t think anchors were necessary on all four holes, so I opted for two. I used 2″ screws to attach it to the wall.

DIY Shelf with Ornate Brackets

East Peasy, right??

Easy Wall Shelf with Ornate Brackets

How do you like THAT?! This DIY Shelf with ornate brackets can’t get any easier unless you buy it! But then you’ll pay a LOT more than the $8 it cost me!! Yep, the brackets were only $4 each! And if you like the Jute rope RELAX accent, you can find it here!

Easy Wall Shelf with Ornate Brackets

DIY Shelf with Ornate Brackets

Ok, I think I’ll keep working on the other side of the bathroom now!

Pin this for your next DIY!

DIY Shelf Ornate Brackets

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Until next time!


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  1. Lisa

    I can’t believe this project took only 20 minutes. It looks great and I love love love dark walnut stain.

    I can’t wait to see your final room reveal.

    1. Janice

      Thanks Lisa! I’m just about done! $100 doesn’t go very far these days! Haha

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