It seems to be a popular trend to have the word “eat” as kitchen decor. So, today I want to show you how to make the simplest “eat” sign you have ever seen!

Learn how to make this cute chalkboard sign at

Even though my sign was done with a store-bought chalkboard, you can achieve the same effect by making the board yourself; and I will tell you how. =-)

First thing you want to do is determine where you want to place your sign. Janice had a long, empty spot in her kitchen and thought hanging a chalkboard would be cute, but was not sure about what to put on it. It’s not like she wanted to write the daily menu on it or anything – again, keeping it real people – so I suggested to write the word “eat” in a cute font using a chalkboard marker. She loved the idea, so we hired my daughter to help us out! Scroll down for a quick video of my daughter working her magic.

Once you know exactly where you want it hanging, you can go searching for the right chalkboard size. We got ours at a local Crafts store, but I am sure Hobby Lobby carries many options to choose from. The board we chose is about 18 inches tall and 7 inches wide. It was ready to go with the  piece of twine at the top to hang it. Cool, right?

"Eat" Chalkboard sign. Details at
“Eat” Chalkboard sign. Details at

The lettering was super easy for my daughter to do. She is quite the artist, and it was not hard at all for her, but she did search for some font inspiration on the web.

When she typed “eat font” this is what she got:


She chose one of the three fonts on the left and basically free-handed the whole thing. I know! I am actually pretty good at drawing and writing pretty, but she beats me by far. That’s why I hired her for the job!

"Eat" Chalkboard sign. Details at
“Eat” Chalkboard sign. Details at

If you are good at writing with no need of a template, this is the project for you. You could even think of another word or phrase for the sign. I thought of doing one that says “Self service kitchen,” but for that you’ll need a bigger board. =-)

If you are not good at writing font-looking letters by hand, do not despair. There are options!

  1. You could buy letters already made at a craft store (some stores sell you the vinyl and let you cut out the letters that you need yourself) and stick them on.
  2. Or, you could print out the letters the right size/scale and trace them on the board. You can do this by rubbing regular chalk on the back side of the paper where the letter is printed, positioning each letter on the right spot on the board, and tracing with a pencil. The chalk you rubbed on the back of the paper will transfer to the board. It won’t be dark, but now you have a guide to go over the letters with your chalkboard marker to make them brighter.
  3. Or, here’s the best option, I think. 🙂 I asked my daughter to make you a printable template! Here it is >> EAT font letters. You can trace the letters how I explained it in #2 and use this font. Enjoy!

Ok, so what if you want to make your own chalkboard sign? Here is the good news–You can! You can use a scrap piece of plywood or pine, cut it to size, sand it, and cover the whole thing with chalkboard paint. Sort of like I did with the chalkboard tray I shared a few weeks back! Don’t forget to drill a whole at the top and use twine, ribbon, or whatever you like to hang your beautiful creation. Pine boards that are about 8 inches wide and 1 inch thick would work great for this project. Since the whole thing will be painted, any surface that takes on paint well would be a winner.

I hope that this easy project has inspired you to make something beautiful that will bring a smile to your face every time you walk by it. The possibilities are endless!

Here’s my artsy girl free handing this sign:

Learn how to make this cute chalkboard sign at

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