How to Reupholster Dining Chairs with Piping!

Back in October, my 22 y/o daughter Andrea came to me and said “Mom I need you to help me reupholster some dining chairs as a Christmas gift for my mother-in-law”. I kindly said “I don’t know how to reupholster chairs, Andrea”. She said “Mom!, you’re a sawdust sister! What do you mean you don’t know how to reupholster dining chairs?”



Thrift Store Chandelier Makeover

A few weeks ago I posted some pictures of a small chandelier I found at a local thrift shop. My friend Allysun saw it first; she was thinking it would look good in her living area, but after a few minutes of pondering she decided it did not really fit the style she was going for. That’s when I jumped in and said “Are you sure you don’t want it? If you don’t I will take it!.”  “Go for it.” – she said.



DI Settee Makeover

During one of my trips to Deseret Industries (a local thrift store) I found this little settee. It looked very old and tired. I kept telling myself, “You don’t need it.” Where are you going to put it?” I walked away to look at some other stuff, but my eyes kept turning towards it.