How to Remove Baseboards…and what NOT to do {video tutorial}

Do you know how to remove baseboards? If you are intimidated by attempting to remove trim, you are not alone. Removing baseboards is one of those tasks I always thought should be done by a professional. When I considered trying it for myself, my amazing (but non-handy) husband, Duane, gave me one of those –are you sure you know what you’re doing– looks, which gave me the motivation I needed to try 🙂

Scroll to the bottom of this post for a how-to video!



DIY Dining Table Makeover

If you are ready to replace your dining room furniture, this DIY dining table makeover may convince you to give your existing table a second chance. Wear and tear can wreak havoc on a wood table. Fortunately, a finish can be stripped, scratches can be sanded, and paint can provide a few more years of wear, until you can afford to buy new. Or until the kids grow up and you can buy what you really want (wink, wink).



DIY Floating Shelves {Free Plans}

DIY floating shelves are a perfect addition to any room!. They  are cheap to build and so heavy duty! A pretty easy build, too! A few boards and some screws. I now have a set in my kitchen and another in my son’s room. Do you have a wall crying for these? I know you do!