DIY Planter Box Plans

Today I have a set of DIY Planter box plans to share with you! Raised garden beds can be expensive to buy, so building your own will save you some cash. And don’t fret, this raised garden planter box is a beginner project you can tackle in one afternoon. The plans can be adjusted to fit whatever size you need. Who knew that building a planter box would be this easy?! Enjoy!



Simple DIY Redwood Plant Stand

This DIY redwood plant stand is a quick beginner building project that will give your porch some mid century modern flare. The minimalist look adds height to your plants without robbing them of space to bloom. Adjust the middle piece to fit any size pot. Display alone or in pairs on either side of your front door. You can use it indoors or out. What do you think? Are your wheels turning?


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How to Build a Two Sided Barn Door

This beginner- friendly tutorial is a for two sided barn door with rustic decorative trim on both sides. Use wood boards from the big box store and birch plywood for a budget friendly project. This project lays out the steps to build a door of any size while still keeping the 1- 3/4″ door width required by standard sliding barn door hardware.