I am so excited to share with you my $100 powder room makeover. This is a room that has been in the works for …….ahem…. 18 months…, and I am finally happy with the way it looks. You guys, it really is possible to give a room a facelift with things you have on hand and a small budget! And of course, there’s that DIY factor. A little sweat can result in some serious savings!

$100 Powder Room Makeover

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Getting rid of the mirror

This powder room is located just off of my laundry room. It is very small!!! So, the pictures are not the best. It’s a little dark and hard to get my camera in there. The entire bathroom was painted beige. I started by removing the builder grade mirror.

$100 Powder Room Makeover

If you look closely, you may see the hole I patched under the light fixture. Oops. Darn crowbar. I’m not going to lie, when I saw ALL THAT GLUE stuck on the wall, I immediately regretted taking the mirror down. In the end, I was glad, but….that’s why I opted to frame the mirror in my hall bathroom instead of taking it out.

Let’s Paint

After much patching, glue removing, sanding, and priming, I was ready to paint (do you see WHY it took me so long?). Since this is such a small space (3’x6′) I decided to paint stripes, just for fun. This was another time consuming DIY, but so cute. I started by giving the bathroom two coats of grey paint.

$100 Powder Room Makeover

I waited a few days to be sure the paint was good and dry. Then I measured, taped, and painted dark grey stripes 18″ apart. I also added two little floating shelves above the toilet. The accessories came from stuff I had laying around.

$100 Powder room makeover


Replacing the Mirror

I replaced the mirror with the IKEA Songe Round Mirror. I am bummed that it is no longer available in the U.S. It was only $49.99!!! That is pretty cheap for a mirror that size. Here is a similar mirror. And here is another one from Lowes!

I really love the way the mirror transformed the space. The best part?? It sits high enough on the wall that you no longer see your reflection while you’re on the john πŸ˜‰

$100 Powder room makeover


Adding Crown Molding

You guys! I had NEVER done crown molding before. I figured this was a small enough space to practice. I found the best tutorial for crown molding and gave it a go. I am so proud of how it turned out. It’s not perfect. But nothing a little caulk couldn’t fix πŸ™‚

I painted the crown the same color as the ceiling and it blended in nicely. I kinda wanna do crown molding in other rooms now!


$100 Powder Room Makeover

Let’s take care of the knotty wood

This powder room sat like this for about a year. It wasn’t bad, but the knotty alder of the vanity started getting to me. So, I decided to fill the knots and give it a mustard shade of yellow. I was able to paint the whole thing with one 8oz sample size container. Holla!

Filling knotty alder holes

Here it is after painting. What a difference!

filling knots on wood

Crystal Knobs

I switched the existing knobs with these awesome crystal knobs. It was like icing on the cake. And for less than $2 a piece!

$100 Powder room makeover

What do you think? All in all I am pretty happy with it! I hope this inspires you to give a room in your house a little love without breaking the bank!

$100 Powder Room Makeover!!!


Here is the list of shopping sources with prices attached.

  • Round Mirror (similar to my 49.99 IKEA mirror)
  • Wall ledge (similar to mine, purchased locally on sale for 9.99 each)
  • Crystal Knobs ($3.66 for two)
  • Vanity Paint (Valspar Caramel Honey paint 8OZ sample size from Lowes) ($3.48)
  • Crown Molding ($24.72 for three 8ft boards. I bought one extra for practicing cuts)
  • Wall Paint and Accessories (already on hand)

Total: $101.83 (so close!)

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  1. Medina Grillo

    I love the striped walls and the crystal knobs. You did a great job on such a small budget!

    1. Janice

      Thanks Medina! The crystal knobs are my favorite!

  2. Girl, that looks so awesome, I love the wide stripes on the walls! And that mirror is beautiful. Yes, it’s important not to see ourselves while we are at our most vulnerable LOL I love everything about your powder room makeover, and the crown molding elevated the look. Beautifully done!

    1. Janice

      Awe, thanks Toni!!! Yeah. It always so awkward to look in the mirror while…ya know πŸ™‚ lol

  3. I’m such a fan of bright yellow and dark gray! I have a similar color scheme in one of our bathrooms. Your bathroom looks amazing now. Great job!

    1. Janice

      Thank you so much Vineta!

  4. Jann Newton

    The crown molding looks great! I love the new mirror!

    1. Janice

      Thanks Jann!

  5. Sarah

    I’m in LOVE with your stripes Janice!!!!!!!!!! What a huge transformation in your room – and you’re only a smidge over budget, so it’s all good!!! It’s still $100 in my book. πŸ˜‰ Way to go!!!

    1. Janice

      Haha! I ALWAYS go over budget. Just ask my husband πŸ™‚

  6. Anika

    LOVE it!!! The stripes on the wall were such a great idea… I love the combination of yellow and gray and that round mirror is beautiful!!! Great job!!

    1. Janice

      Thanks Anika!!

  7. Lisa

    This is just beautiful now! I love the yellow you chose, those glass knobs and that mirror is swoon worthy!

    Great job!!!

    1. Janice

      Thanks Lisa!

  8. Claire

    Good transformation, loving the mustard yellow.

    1. Janice

      Thanks Claire! At first I wasn’t sure about the bright color. It took some getting used to! Now I love it!

  9. Denise

    What a great powder room makeover. I would have never thought to go with yellow on the cabinet yet I LOVE it and those knobs are awesome. Great job on executing your room makeover.

    1. Janice

      Thanks Denise!

  10. Sherry

    The striped walls are my favorite! You did a beautiful job on your room transformation.

    1. Janice

      Thank you so much, Sherry!

  11. Sam@Raggedy Bits

    Janice, I LOVE how you have used yellow to add a nice pop of colour to the room and the crystal knobs that you used just suit it to a tee! Don’t get me started on your stripes LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Well done! πŸ™‚

    1. Janice

      Thank you Sam!

  12. Susie

    Totally love the stripes and the color combo. You did an amazing job! Kudos!! Kudos!! Susie from Chelsea Project

  13. this is SO GOOD Janice! I am loving those stripes and that mirror. Great job and I can’t believe you did it all for $100 bucks! have a great week, my friend! xo, Christy πŸ™‚

    1. Janice

      Awe, thanks Christy!!!

  14. Pat

    Love the stripes! Love the wonderful yellow paint on your vanity! Love everything about this makeover! So inspiring!

    1. Janice

      Pat, thank you for stopping by and for your kind words! I’m so glad you liked it!!

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